Watch your language



The brief was crystal clear: Byggcheferna and Byggnads can’t stand the macho culture. They are reminiscing about a construction industry that no longer exists. The problems won’t go away overnight – but they truly believe talking about them every day will trigger change. Essentially, it’s a matter about talking so that everyone can listen.


We created a campaign with tools supporting all those trying to wipe out macho culture. Tools to spark discussion and dialogue in the workplace. The campaign also features a film, energizing the ongoing struggle. Hope you find it really offensive. That’s the point.


Change is underway. Since the film was launched only a couple of weeks ago and the campaign is just half way, it’s still a bit too early to sum up the results. However, it has attracted a lot of attention so far and the debate within the industry is intense. The campaign and macho culture as a phenomenon has emerged as a current topic in papers, radio and TV. That’s not only key, but absolutely crucial. Actually, the industry already notices a change for the better.