A strategic advertising agency that with care and curiosity create solutions that makes a difference for organizations and companies.

About us

At Bulldozer we think differently. We not only want to make a difference for our clients, we want to affect society and the people who are a part of it as well. We believe that’s the way to communicate in the future, and the way to create lasting results for organizations and companies. With a curious outlook on the world we live in and big, caring heart we explore the purpose and meaning that lies behind brands. What they represent and the stories they want to share.

The loudest voice isn’t the best way to reach through the noise. We communicate in a manner that makes people want to listen. And to take part in the conversation. That’s the start of a great relationship.

Our Services

What you want to build is more important than the tools we use in the process. That’s why we always ensure to have the same idea of the end result before our work begins. The following step is deciding on specific media and how and when to use it. This makes us a full service agency with skills to use every communication tool in the box.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logos & Graphic Manuals
  • Package Design
  • Web Design & Programming
  • Social Media & Content
  • PR & Surveys
  • Events & Meetings
  • Commercials & Information Films
  • Campaigns
  • Print
  • App Development